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Our puppies have made wonderful additions to many families, and we often get updates on your “family members”, and many return to visit us during fishing trips too.
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“We love her very much!!  She is growing so fast. Very high energy and she loves her big sister very much, our other German Shepherd.”
April Block
Velvet Photography – Prince George



Shadow has been a great addition to our family. He is our sons best buddy. Shadow is very easy to train and obedient. He is calm, gentle, protective and very smart. On our little farm he keeps all the animals in line. His nickname is Sheriff Shadow. He keeps an eye out for everything and everyone. He loves swimming, he will even swim out to my son and ‘rescue’ him from the lake. He swims out and gently pulls my son back to shore if he thinks there is danger. He came up with this all on his own.

He is great with all animals, kids and people.”
~Rolf and Ruth L., Ft. St. James
Shadow – May 24 2014 litter from Lyka and Reinhard




“Mack is now 19 months old, I had the opportunity to purchase this wonderful dog from Dieter and Carol at Takla Makhan Kennels .  He at the time was 5 months old. The connection between my self and all  the other dogs was instant and incredible. They have a gentle nature and are very obedient. It was hard for me to just pick the one.  He is good-natured and a great protector . He only barks when necessary, He is my constant companion and I love him. I in the past I have had the opportunity to have a number of German Shepherds, Mack is my favorite. He also loves children and other dogs. I have not had any problems socializing him. I will in the future adopt another one of Dieter and Carol’s puppies. Every time I go to visit it is hard for me not to take one of the dogs with me. I believe that the way they raise the dogs is just wonderful. Get happy and get a puppy!

 ~Chantal M., Prince George

Mack going fishing



“I was lucky enough to meet Reinhard and Lyka in the summer of 2014 and I I knew immediately that the genetics of the Takla breeding stock was strong.  The dogs live in a rugged and real environment and are exposed at a young age to pure wilderness and the need to foster strong protective qualities.

I was lucky enough to bring Fritz home at 4.5 months old – I was working away and couldn’t bring him home sooner. He was, and is still to this day, very quick to adapt to new surroundings and activities. 

Fritz is my companion and we spend almost everyday of the year together. He comes with me to work in the bush in the summer, and summits many peaks with me while skiing in the winter.

My partner recently brought a golden retriever into our family and Fritz has been a patient and loving big brother. 

Make no mistake about it…. If you get a German Shepherd from Takla Makhan Kennels, you will be getting the real German Shepherd experience. My Fritz is a strong, athletic protector with incredible drive. He is 2.5 years now and weighs around 80 lbs.  I have never in my life experienced loyalty like I have with Fritz. I have seen him chase wolves, bears, and coyotes on many occasions, but when he feels safe at home he is one of the most cuddly and affectionate dogs I have ever been around.

In summary, I am thankful everyday that I made the choice to bring Fritz home. Rest assured that if you do your part as a German Shepherd owner/handler these pups will give you all the companionship and loyalty you could ever ask for!!

~Eric O., Smithers


2 yr old Fritz guarding the moose meat

fritz_1 fritz_2


“I picked up our female puppy in mid September 2016. I have 4 kids who she is absolutely great with very gentle and loving with kids. Extremely smart and energetic. I would highly recommend these Germans shepherds to anyone.”

~Brian K. 

See the photo of Mink below in our “Past Litters”.  

Past Litters

Soft as a Mink

A real Beauty


Mink and Jelly Belly

Mink and Jelly Belly